WidgetWizard 1.0

Create your own RSS widget


  • Set name, URL, colors
  • Display 10 to 100 feeds


  • Have to download and reinstall new widget

Very good

WidgetWizard is for all you Dashboard geeks who absolutely feel the need to check their RSS from their Mac desktop. The widget lets you create your own RSS widget. Just enter the title of your feed, add the RSS and web url and set the colors of the interface. The RSS widget you create can show from 10 to 100 feed results.

The only real annoying thing about this application is that once you create a new widget you'll have to download it from the web and reinstall it on your Mac. This applies for all the RSS widgets you create. Yet despite this little annoyance, WidgetWizard is still a very simple way of getting your customized RSS feeds onto your desktop.

Tired of waiting on a glim hope a developer will produce a widget for your favorite site? Well wait no further! With WidgetWizard you can easily generate an unique RSS widget for any site with a valid RSS feed. All you need is the feed URL and a few seconds of your time, and our WidgetWizard generates a fresh new RSS feed widget of your very own!

Widget wizard is the only widget that allows you to produce a fresh new widget whenever you get the urge without knowing a lick of code or any widget development experience.

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WidgetWizard 1.0

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